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This is how I became an author – Part III

As mentioned in the last post, I had hoped to finish this recap of the series “So you want to become an author…” in two parts but there was still so much more to tell that I needed to include Part III of “This is how I became an author.” My book had been published both as a Kindle eBook (KDP) and as a paperback with CreateSpace (CS), but if I expected it to be available to all readers, I needed to consider the other platforms out there that Amazon did not cover – Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and… Read more »

This is how I became an author – Part II

We left off “This is how I became an author…” last time with the understanding that the hard work, the formatting, lay ahead. This step by step explanation of my process will sometimes include the titles of the posts that contain more in depth details if you want to go back to learn more. The manuscript was finished. It had been copy edited and proofread. It was now ready to be published, and I would become an author. I am unsure whether publishing a paperback or an eBook first would have made a difference, but I choose to publish the… Read more »

This is how I became an author

This is how I became an author. I now have a paperback book published with Amazon, along with a Kindle edition. In addition, my book is available on all other devices through Smashwords. I am an author, and if I can do it so can you. If you have been following this blog, you will remember that I began this series of posts called “So you want to be an author…” back in March of 2014, although I had started building my website a year earlier. In total, I have been at this for about two years, not counting the time it… Read more »

Smashwords has major shortcomings

Smashwords has major shortcomings. After plowing through their 100+ page manual (The Smashwords Style Guide), and following, exactly, each of its instructions, I submitted my newly formatted work for its review process and waited for their reply. Smashwords says that they will reply within 24 hours, and they did. They informed me that my work had failed their tests, and that I needed to correct the nine errors listed. OK. No problem. I had made some mistakes, and I needed to correct them. The errors are displayed by clicking a link on Smashwords’ dashboard page. The problem is that the… Read more »

Smashwords vs. Draft2Digital

Smashwords vs. Draft2Digital is a dilemma facing authors who have already published their works with Amazon, both as an eBook with Kindle, and as a paperback with CreateSpace. Both Smashwords (SW) and Draft2Digital (D2D) are book publishing and distribution platforms that supply major markets not covered by Amazon, namely, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. Smashwords is the larger of the two, offering a wider range of distribution options. It publishes in EPUB, Mobi, PDF, LRF, and PDB, as well as other lesser known formats. This makes your book available on B&N Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iBoostore/iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, and… Read more »

Once the editing is complete, let it be.

  Once the editing is complete, let it be. – if you can. Mistakes are like gremlins. They love to show up just to wreak havoc regardless of all attempts to keep them out. ♪Mistakes? ♪I’ve made a few, and then again a few need to be mentioned♪ After receiving my paperback proof, I found several proofreading mistakes that I had overlooked while reading my manuscript off the computer screen. As mentioned in the previous blog post, we read our works so many times we get word blinded, and are no longer able to see even obvious errors. So, it… Read more »

My book galley is here! My book galley is here!

My book galley is here! My book galley is here! I cannot tell you how exciting it was to receive the hard brown cardboard box containing my paperback book galley. I was expecting it, of course, but it came two days late, and I was chomping at the bit waiting for it to arrive. The packaging was great. A simple pull-tab released the proof into my waiting hands, and there it was. There is was? No! Here it is! My first book, only a proof, a galley, but a book I could hold in my hands nonetheless. It felt wonderful. I… Read more »

Uploading manuscripts onto CreateSpace

Although uploading manuscripts onto CreateSpace (CS) are major steps in the process of publishing paperbacks, the process is relatively simple. Convert the manuscript to PDF and then just upload it. In the last blog, I described my battle with poltergeists, and while I was eventually able to banish them, I was left with a couple of hiccups. Two minor issues remained – the hiccups – embedded fonts and image resolution. After uploading my manuscript, I launched the CS Interior Reviewer to view the results. The font that I had embedded was registering as not embedded, and the resolutions of images… Read more »

Do poltergeists inhabit MS Word?

Do poltergeists inhabit MS Word? I swear they must. Let me explain. Last week, Roxanne Smolen bailed me out with her blog about formatting a paperback for CreateSpace (CS) and I was left with the simple task of converting my manuscript to PDF and uploading it on CS. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. Following instructions from various sources, I had divided the manuscript into three parts. For numbering the front matter, I chose to use small roman numerals as page numbers, to differentiate it from the main body text. I numbered the body text with the usual Arabic numbers starting with… Read more »

Formatting your manuscript for paperback publication – Part II

This post is Part II in the continuation of the steps necessary for formatting your manuscript for paperback publication. After posting here last week, I ran into what seemed to be insoluble problems, serious enough that I began questioning my ability to ever solve them. With the timely intervention of another writer, I was able to solve those problems. Talk about serendipity! But, more about that in a bit. First, a brief recount of where we left off. Last week we began by dividing the ms into three parts, the front matter, the body file, and the back matter so that we… Read more »