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Concerning female reporters in male locker rooms

Females reporters in a male locker-room? Are you kidding? Hello! Is anybody home? Yeah?  Well, there are many male reporters would like to interview Anna Kournikova while she’s showering too. Let’s get real here. The New York Jets got into some unwarranted trouble a while back when a female reporterette entered the Jets locker-room after practice to conduct an interview. She was whistled at and called a “bonita senorita.”  The media reported the story and the feminists got all in a twitter. You have fifty-some sweaty guys coming off the field with their testosterone all pumped up and in walks… Read more »

The Journey is the Destination

My two brothers (Brian and Greg) and I have enjoyed motorcycling, cumulatively, for over 100 years. When we can, we ride together. We currently ride cruising bikes capable of limited off-road use to enable us to go exploring. I ride a 1992 Kawasaki 750 Vulcan; Brian a 1992 Honda 750 Nighthawk; Greg a 2002 Suzuki 805 Intruder. We only dare travel 100 miles between refuelings so range is a serious on-going problem especially on our more remote trips. We have explored much of LI from NYC to Montauk Point (check out the dirt trails north of Montauk Hwy. near the… Read more »