The Riddle of the Sphinx


The answer to the riddle of the Sphinx is “Man” who crawls on all fours as a child, walks upright as an adult and uses a cane in old age.

Thanksgiving Riddles

1.  What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

ANSWER:  Pumpkin pi

2.  Where do you find a turkey with no legs?

ANSWER:  Right where you left him.

3.  If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

ANSWER:  Pilgrims

Lets Talk Turkey – Riddles

1.  Why did the turkey cross the road?

Because it was the chicken’s day off.

2.  Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

Because it was stuck to the turkey’s foot.

3.  Why did the turkey cross the road twice?

To prove it wasn’t chicken.

Multiple Marriages Riddle

ANSWER:  He was the preacher.

Forward or Backward Riddle


Lighter than a Feather Riddle

ANSWER:  Their breath

The Brother to the Sun Riddle

ANSWER:  Shadows

The Poor man, Rich man riddle

ANSWER:  Happy Birthday!

The Conscientious Skeleton

ANSWER: The conscientious skeleton order two bottles of boos and a mop

Wolfsbane in Froot Loops

ANSWER: A person who would put wolfsbane in Froot Loops is a cereal killer

The Ghost and the bagel

What did the ghost put on its bagel?


The Skeletons Riddle

ANSWER: Skeletons are cool, calm and collected because nothing gets under their skin.

Brian Boru and the leprechauns

ANSWER:  Boru said, “You will throw me down the Well of Boney Graves.” This confounded the Leprechauns, for if they did throw him down the well his statement would be true, not false as they had dictated. If, instead, they shot him full of arrows his statement would be false, and not true as they had said. Totally confused, Brina was forced to release Brian Boru who went on to become one of the great kings of Ireland.

Left eye, right eye riddle

What did the left eye say to the right eye?

ANSWER:  Just between me and you, something smells.

Throw me out a window, leave a grieving wife

ANSWER:  The letter ‘N’.

wiNdow = widow
door = doNor

What is it?

ANSWER:  A coffin

The Six Faces Riddle

ANSWER:  A die (as in dice)

The Baseball Riddle

ANSWER: The man threw the ball straight up into the air.

The “7-11” Math Equation Problem

ANSWER:  There is only one possible solution:

7.11   =   3.16 + 1.25 + 1.50 + 1.20   =   3.16 ´ 1.25 ´ 1.50 ´ 1.20

Five Boxes to Four – Matchstick Puzzle


Compliments of

A Lateral Thinking Puzzle

ANSWER:   Think outside the box. You help the old lady into the passenger seat of your car. You give the keys to your friend, ask him to please drive the old lady home, to than drive himself home and tell him you will call him in the morning. After demonstrating how kind you are (and how intelligent) you chat up your perfect partner while waiting for the bus.

The Offensive Number Riddle

ANSWER:  It is too gross! The number 144 is a gross. Do the math.

I Cast No Shadow

ANSWER:  I am the air

A Hobbit Riddle


The Hobbit is a fantasy written by J.R.R. Tolkien who is also the author of The Lord of the Rings (TLOTR) trilogy. The Hobbit was written in 1937 to immediate acclaim. In chapter 5, Riddles in the Dark, the protagonist of the novel, Bilbo, encounters a creature named Gollum who possesses the “Ring.” This ring is central in the events of TLOTR.

Bilbo, in his journey, falls into a dark passage and is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he finds Gollum’s ring and pockets it without much thought. Bilbo runs into Gollum who is looking for his ring and suspects that Bilbo has it.

Bilbo wants Gollum to show him the way out of the subterranean cave into which he has fallen. Gollum agrees, but engages Bilbo in a game of riddles to test him. They pose a total of 10 riddles between them and Bilbo proves to be Gollum’s equal. This “Wind” riddle is one of them.

The Flaxen Horse Riddle


A needle and thread

The Table of Faust


You go first, and place the first quarter directly in the center of the table. After that, wherever Mr. Faust places his coin, duplicate his placement on the opposite side of the table. If he has room to place a quarter, so will you and he will run out of opportunities before you do.

Friendly Riddles


What animals fell to Earth from the sky?  Rain deer

With what animals do you never want to play cards?  Cheaters

Laws of Science Riddle


You cannot take a picture of a pregnant woman with a baby carriage in Ocean Beach, Fire Island because a baby carriage is not a camera.

The Six Nines Riddle


99 + 99/99 = 100

The Fox, the goose, and the sack of corn riddle


The man took the goose over first and came back. Then he took the fox over and brought the goose back. Then he took the corn over and came back alone. Lastly he took the goose over and proceeded on his way.

The Tradesmen Riddle

ANSWER: The electrician and the plumber are husband and wife.

Cousin does not cheat (cozen), cousin. How many am I?

ANSWER:  Four Score

“The wind is my foe” Riddle

ANSWER:  A candle

St. Ives Riddle


Only me.

The Birthday Riddle


Today is Jan. 1st. Yesterday December 31 was Naomi’s 8th birthday. On December 30 she was still 7. This year she will turn 9 and next year she’ll turn 10.

Three ancient Egyptian urns


Pick one coin from the urn labeled “MIXED.” We know that NONE of the urns was labeled correctly. Therefore, we know that this is NOT the mixed urn. Thus, if you pulled a 101 coin from that urn, the urn labeled “202” must be the MIXED urn because it too is mislabeled. Consequently, the one labeled “202” must be the 101 urn. This logic applies as well if the 202 coin is picked, but the labels for the urns is reversed.

Fourth of July Riddles


What kind of tea did the American colonists thirst for?

What dance was very popular in 1776?

What quacks, has webbed feet, and betrays his country?
Beneduck Arnold!

Did you hear the one about the Liberty Bell?
Yeah, it cracked me up!

Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington?
Because the horse was too heavy to carry!

What happened as a result of the Stamp Act?
The Americans licked the British!

Which one of Washington’s officers had the best sense of humour?

Granny knows best riddle

ANSWER:  The anagram of trinket is knitter. Most grannies are knitters.

Circle Riddle

ANSWER:   A circle has two sides, of course; its inside and its outside.

Brothers and Sisters have I none

ANSWER:  The answer to this logic question is not as obvious as it first appears. Here are several solutions:

According to

Answer: The man in the picture is his son.

This man’s father, the man in the picture’s father, “is my father’s son”. The man in the picture is the son of someone who “is my father’s son”. The man in the picture has no brother’s or sisters. His father’s son is himself. He is the father of the man in the picture. The man in the picture is his son.

According to the Weekly Riddle Blog Spot:

The official solution is that the man in the portrait is the son of the speaker.  However, an anonymous commenter pointed out that the man in the portrait could be the son of a deceased brother of the speaker, making him the speaker’s nephew.  This depends on interpreting “Brothers and sisters I have none” (NOTE: The wording actually is, “…have I none”) as leaving open the possibility that the speaker once did have a brother.

According to

The most popular reply seems to be that he is looking at a picture of himself but his could not possibly be right.

If it is himself, then it makes sense that he told us brothers and sisters have I none. But, he goes on to say this man’s father is my father’s son. Now if it is himself in the portrait, then the man in the portrait’s father is his own father, BUT he then says “is my father’s son, now how could his father be his father’s son?

It’s his son.

This has been called the right answer in 90% of cases but it has a flaw. Firstly though, let’s see what’s right about it. If it’s his son in the portrait, then the man in the portraits father is, in fact, himself (the man who is looking at the picture). So then he’d basically be saying I am my father’s son, which makes perfect sense in a way.

But the flaw is that it fails to explain why he said brothers and sisters have I none. If it was his brother in the picture, it couldn’t be right either, because his brother’s father is his father, but his father is not his father’s son. How could man be his own father, or his own son? Therefore this answer completely chops a line out of the riddle.

Statement, or Question…?

Remember that this man “SAID” these words, he did not write them, therefore we cannot assume that he made a statement when he said “brothers and sisters have I none.” What if he asked himself, brothers and sisters have I none? The anybody could make the argument that he HAD brothers and sisters before but they are now dead. This would make sense of the first line of the riddle, and leaves way for more possibilities.

It’s his nephew.

If you put a nephew in the picture and assume “brothers and sisters have I none” is a question and not a statement, then it works. Let’s say for arguments sake he had 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. Both the brothers and sisters died and there is only himself and nephew left. So he said “brothers and sisters have I none? but this man’s father is my father’s son”. The first and second line, make sense. It takes time to accept this as a possibility but it is a possibility, and has much more sense than it being a picture of his son because it gives reason as to why he would say brothers and sisters have I none. He could be saying it in distraught, trying to understand in his own mind.

According to

“This man” refers to the speaker’s son. His son’s father (himself) is his father’s son (himself).

Your son’s father is yourself. And your father’s son is also yourself (no brothers and sisters, as stated) – but the answer to the riddle is not “yourself” – because the riddle is to determine the identity of “This man” mentioned – which would be your son.

According to

Alexander Bogonolny solves this logic problem mathematically.  Click on this link to see how he determined the answer:

His answer is: It is rather obvious that “this man” and “my son” have the same father, so that A is B’s son.

That is, the answer is “his son.”

So there you have it. Did you get the correct answer, uh, which correct answer?

Another Rebus

ANSWER:  Right between the eyes

Another Matchstick Puzzle


puzzle answer











Breakfast Riddle

ANSWER:  Why, lunch and dinner, of course.

Sitting Bull vs. the Lone Ranger Riddle

ANSWER:  Sitting Bull, who could not see any head bands, used this logic:

The last chief in line, Geronimo, remained silent, which meant that he does not know the color of his headband. This must mean that he sees at least one white feathered headband. Since there are only 2 reds, if he saw 2 reds he would have known that his was white and would have answered. Since he did not answer, one of the headbands must be white.

Crazy Horse, in the middle, is silent too. He can see Sitting Bull’s headband but knows by virtue of Geronimo’s silence that his head band can be either color so he remains silent.

Sitting Bull now knows that if he had a red feathered headband, Crazy Horse could see it and know that his headband must be white and would have said so. That means Sitting Bull’s head band must be white. He answers correctly and they all go free.

Because of the intelligence of the three chiefs, the Lone Ranger accepted Tonto as his partner. Tonto, meanwhile, made sure that the three chiefs were well informed as to all of the Lone Ranger’s plans.

Jungle Riddles


How do you put an elephant in a refrigerator?

How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator?

ANSWER: Open the door, put him in, close the door

How do you put an elephant in the refrigerator?

ANSWER: Open the door, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant, close the door

Which animal doesn’t show up for the meeting?

ANSWER: The elephant. He’s in the refrigerator

How do you cross alligator river?

ANSWER: Wade across. The alligators are all at the meeting.

Talking Bird Riddle


ANSWER: A spelling bee is smarter than a talking bird.

Name That King Riddle


Five hundred begins it and ends it. Roman numeral for five hundred is D

Roman numeral five in the middle is V

First letter and first figure join them together; A and I

Spy vs. Spy Riddle

ANSWER:  The answer is “5”. The correct countersign is not half the sign. It is the number of letters in the word. The number “6” has three letters. The number “12” has six letters. The number “8” has five letters. So the answer is five.

Smiles and Tears Riddle

ANSWER: Your memories

The Three Day Weekend Riddle

ANSWER: Pecos Bill’s horse was named “Friday”

The “What Word” Riddle

ANSWER: The base word is Startling – starting – staring – string – sting – sing – sin – in – I

Two Father and Two Sons Riddle

ANSWER:  There are only three individuals present; a grandfather and his son who is the father of the third person at breakfast, his son and each one eats one egg.

Math Riddle

I am smaller than four but bigger than three

I am something to eat if you just add an “e”

If this is a math riddle what can I be?

ANSWER: Why Pi, of course (3.14) turns into pie, something yummy to eat.

Can you solve this simple rebus?

snake   eyes


Matchstick Puzzle #1

Fragile Riddle

What is so fragile that it breaks at the mention of its name?

ANSWER: Silence

Solve these simple equations if you can

Are you smarter than a sixth grader?

ANSWER:  The answers to the equations posed are: x = 9 and y = 4.

The Dilemma of the Twin Dwarfs

ANSWER:  The knight pondered this dilemma while on his journey to Happily-Ever-After Land. This was his solution.

He asked the dwarf at the junction the following question: “If you were your twin brother which fork would he tell me to take to get me safely to the castle?”

If the dwarf is the truthful one he knows that his brother would lie and point in the direction of the dragon. If it is the lying dwarf he knows that his brother would tell the truth and point to the correct road but he must lie so he will tell the knight that his brother would point to the road that leads to the dragon. Either way the knight knows to take the opposite road from the one pointed to by either dwarf.

Were you able to outwit the dwarfs?

The Bus Riddle

ANSWER:  The color of the bus driver’s eyes is the color of your eyes.  You are the bus driver.

The “In the Woods” Riddle

I went into the wood and got it. I sat down to look for it. I brought it home with me because I could not find it. What is it?

ANSWER:  A splinter

The “What is it?” Riddle

What is greater than God?  Nothing What is more evil than the devil?  Nothing The poor have it.  Nothing The rich do not need it.  Nothing If you eat it you will die.  Nothing

Three Riddle Day


Riddle One:  The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

Riddle Two:  The chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide.

Riddle Three:  The chicken crossed the road, rolled in the dirt and then crossed back over again because he was a dirty double-crosser.  

The Second Riddle of the Sphinx


The answer to the second riddle of the Sphinx is “Day and Night.”  Both words are feminine in Greek hence the reference to “sisters.”  The similarity here in the Gascony riddle is obvious.  “The brother is white, the sister is black. Every morning, the brother kills the sister. Every evening, the sister kills the brother. Nevertheless, the brother and the sister never die”  The brother is day and the sister is night.

The Riddle of the Sphinx


The answer to the riddle of the Sphinx is “Man” who crawls on all fours as a child, walks upright as an adult and uses a cane in old age.

When is the riddle the answer?


This riddle is the infamous Riddle of Riddles.  It is the keystone of the story in the book entitled The Riddle of Riddles. The answers to all riddles linked to this page from website will be found here in the Realm of Answers except for the Riddle of Riddles. When is the riddle the answer?  The answer lies hidden in the pages of the book The Riddle of Riddles.  If you do not know the answer to the Riddle of Riddles I could give you a hint but it is so much more fun finding the answer yourself.