Publishing with CreateSpace vs. IngramSpark

Publishing with CreateSpace vs. IngramSpark poses a dilemma. Both options are viable, each offering perks all its own, but which one is best for you. Naturally, that depends on your needs, what you need to accomplish. This information is specifically for print books.

*Here is a breakdown of the advantages/disadvantages of each: 
*Thank you Dave Chesson, Kindlepeneur.

Besides the incidental costs to use either, the major differences are the ability to create hardcover books and the cost of color books. That much is self-evident.

Also, there is information out there that brick and mortar stores (e.g. Barnes and Noble) will not stock Amazon titles. They will if a customer orders your book. However, because of profitability too complicated to go into here, it is not worth their while  to stock Amazon books and they will not.

Another serious consideration is the cost of an ISBN. Amazon provides one gratis, but it cannot be used anywhere but with Amazon. The best option, IMHO, is to purchase your own through Bowker. They can be expensive – a single ISBN cost $125, but 10 cost only $250. If you intend to write more than one book this is the way to go.

If your intentions are to sell your books strictly here in the U.S. CreateSpace works, but if you have plans that include anywhere else in the world, IngramSpark has the advantage.


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