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Copyrighting and formatting your work follow the the same procedures as previously posted. (See “To Copyright or Not to Copyright – That is the Question” at and “Formatting your manuscript for paperback publication Part II” at…lication-part-ii/ ‎) A review of these posts is definitely in order for those who still believe in the concept of the “Poor Man’s Copyright,” (not a good idea) or who have problems with formatting.

The only thing I did differently this time around is that I registered my copyright electronically. It’s just as easy (easier in fact) and saves money. The fee for a paper copyright, one you fill out manually and mail off by snail mail, is $85 dollars, whereas if you file electronically by going on the copyright website ( the fee is only $35 dollars (2017). Click on “Register” and follow directions. It’s simple but be careful to insure that all information you enter is correct. Once you register your work, you cannot go back to alter the information you have already entered. Both methods are basically the same except for the fees.

As far as formatting is concerned, I remember the nightmare I encountered while writing my first book trying to format odd and even pages while also inserting page numbers. I had forgotten the steps necessary to get it done correctly. I sought help from my fellow writers (Dunedin Writers Group) but they too did not have the answer, so I returned to my original source, Roxanne Smolen at, specifically This is an updated post with the same information that saved my sanity last time.

Since I found this information so important, I posted it on the Dunedin Writers Group Facebook page. Here it is:

Formatting Your Headers and Footers

  1. Go to the first page of your story. (Story, not Front Matter.)
    1. Click INSERT.
    2. Click HEADER.
    3. Choose your Header Style. (I usually use Blank.)
    4. Type the name of your book. (I recommend using a smaller font.)
    5. Highlight what you just typed and Right align it. (On the Home Tab.)
    7. Make sure LINK TO PREVIOUS is not selected.
  2. Now go to the second page of your story.
    1. Click the Header and type your name.
    2. Highlight what you typed and Left align it.
  3. You should now have your Title on the right and your Name on the left on alternating pages.
    1. Check to be sure the header hasn’t shown up on your Front Matter.
    2. If it has, delete it and de-select LINK TO PREVIOUS on each page.
  4. Go back to the first page of your story.
    1. On the left-hand side of the HEADER & FOOTER TOOLBAR, you will see Page Number. Click it.
    2. Choose Bottom Of The Page.
    3. Choose your style. I use Plain Number 2.
    4. Note: You will have to do this twice—once for the right-hand (odd) side and once for the left-hand (even) side.
    5. Note: You may have to format the page numbers to get them to run consecutively. To do that, click Page Number again and scroll down to Format Page Number.

I suggest you go directly to the link listed above and read the entire post. It is full of great, time-saving information. Better yet follow Roxanne. She sends valuable information periodically without being obnoxious.

Next up is ISBN number and more. Stay tuned. 

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