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Additional Information on Copyrighting and Formatting

Copyrighting and formatting your work follow the the same procedures as previously posted. (See “To Copyright or Not to Copyright – That is the Question” at and “Formatting your manuscript for paperback publication Part II” at…lication-part-ii/ ‎) A review of these posts is definitely in order for those who still believe in the concept of the “Poor Man’s Copyright,” (not a good idea) or who have problems with formatting. The only thing I did differently this time around is that I registered my copyright electronically. It’s just as easy (easier in fact) and saves money. The fee for a paper copyright, one… Read more »

Formatting your manuscript for paperback publication – Part I

Formatting your manuscript for paperback publication with CreateSpace (CS) is a completely different project from formatting it for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This is Part I. Additional information to follow. You can save yourself a lot of work by approaching paperback publication correctly. I tackled both projects without much forethought and it created a ton of extra work for me. I just sat down and started typing my manuscript. I should have formatted MS Word first before I typed a single letter. This would have saved me hours of work later in reformatting the manuscript to get it correct. In addition, I formatted my… Read more »