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Building a website using professional help can be expensive. It is sometimes possible, however, to get the help you need on the cheap.

In the last blog I described how I was able to build my own website by following the instructions in Kent Mauresmo’s book, “How to Build a Website with WordPress…Fast.” The result is my website, not this website.

This website was created by the professionals at Web Hosting Hub. The reason I hired experts was precisely because of the freight train of doubt that almost ran me down. As happy as I was with my efforts building my own website, I was still very unsure whether or not I had actually done it correctly.

I don’t know anyone in the web design business. While some of the novices I questioned were as helpful as they could be, I needed someone with enough expertise to sit down with me and go over my website point by point. In short, I needed reassurance. What had I neglect to put in? What about all the minutia? What did I not know about, not have a clue about? And how about that pesky SEO stuff?

But I could not afford the thousands of dollars it usually takes to hire professionals. I was given figures hovering around the $5000 dollar amount.

Luckily, a year ago Web Hosting Hub offered a package for $100/mo for 12 months to create a website. I managed to work that hundred bucks a month into my budget, so I hired them. This website is the result and I am happy with it. Check with your web host to find out if they offer any deals.

This website also gives me a template against which to compare the other. That comparison resulted in some minor changes. Overall, though, I found that my personal efforts were pretty much on the mark. I am, however, already planning on additional changes. Recent research has hipped me to the fact that I need to add MailChimp, and I may be changing my SEO plugin to Yoast, the one used here.

As I was writing these last two blogs I went back through Mr. Mauresmo’s book searching for topics I may have missed. I rediscovered passages that I had forgotten all about (like editing my permalink.) I got several, well-needed, memory jogs not included here (or this would be a book too.)

Keep in mind that whatever book or website you choose to get information from will, probably, have recommendations by the author as to which domain name provider or web host they recommend. These recommendations are often based on monetary arrangements between the two so just remember, that while the author’s ideas might very well be valid, there are other opportunities out there. Do your homework.

Note: I am not being paid for these blogs (wish I was.) This is all just long, hours-earned knowledge. Take what you need. I hope some of this information will be helpful.FotoFlexer_Photo Quill

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