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Rewrite your manuscript and then rewrite it again

At last! You have finished your manuscript, maybe even celebrated with a glass or two of a fine wine. Not so fast. Your work is far from done. It’s time for the dread rewrites. As good as your manuscript is it is far from perfect. But you know that. You remember the mistakes you made here and there as the ideas came pouring out faster than you could write. It is now time to go back and fix those mistakes along with others you never realized you made. Step one is to pick up your manuscript and start reading. With… Read more »

Completing your manuscript

Completing your manuscript is the next step in becoming a published author. You have determined that you are a writer and you have found a subject about which you are passionate. You sat down, took up pen and began to write. Your manuscript has begun. All you need do now is to write. Most of the difficulties are behind you. Or are they? Two problems immediately come to mind. First, you do not know how lengthy your manuscript will be or how long it will take to finish which can be intimidating, and second, but certainly not of any lesser… Read more »