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Additional Information on Copyrighting and Formatting

Copyrighting your work follows the the same procedures as previously posted. (See “To Copyright or Not to Copyright – That is the Question” at ‎) A review of this post is definitely in order for those who still believe in the concept of the “Poor Man’s Copyright.” Not a good idea. The only thing I did differently this time around is that I registered my copyright electronically. It’s just as easy (easier in fact) and saves money. The fee for a paper copyright, one you fill out manually and mail off by snail mail, is $85 dollars, whereas if you file electronically… Read more »

Book Titles, Fonts, and Copyright Changes

Book titles are crucial, and fonts can be fun, but copyright changes are expensive. I thought I had my book title down from almost the minute I finished my first draft, and I was happy with my choice, until I started reading about marketing. Marketing, for those of us interested in establishing a name, or “brand” as it is often called, is even more crucial than the book title. A better way to put this would be that the book title can also be a crucial part of your marketing plan. If no one knows you are out there, no… Read more »

Completing your manuscript

Completing your manuscript is the next step in becoming a published author. You have determined that you are a writer and you have found a subject about which you are passionate. You sat down, took up pen and began to write. Your manuscript has begun. All you need do now is to write. Most of the difficulties are behind you. Or are they? Two problems immediately come to mind. First, you do not know how lengthy your manuscript will be or how long it will take to finish which can be intimidating, and second, but certainly not of any lesser… Read more »