Concerning female reporters in male locker rooms


Tennis Champion Anna Kournikova

Females reporters in a male locker-room?

Are you kidding? Hello! Is anybody home?

Yeah?  Well, there are many male reporters would like to interview Anna Kournikova while she’s showering too.

Let’s get real here.

The New York Jets got into some unwarranted trouble a while back when a female reporterette entered the Jets locker-room after practice to conduct an interview. She was whistled at and called a “bonita senorita.”  The media reported the story and the feminists got all in a twitter.

You have fifty-some sweaty guys coming off the field with their testosterone all pumped up and in walks a pretty chiquita in spray-on pants with teats prominently on display and no one expects the guys to react?

If the guys did not react there would be a problem. To attempt to denigrate guys for being guys is full frontal sexism.

The reporter in question, Ms. Inez Sainz, twittered, “I’m in the Jet locker room and trying not to look at anything.” What is she trying not to look at?  Lockers or benches or exercise equipment?  No, she’s trying not to look at male packages, in their prime, with or without jock straps, wrapped or not wrapped in towels.

Ms. Sainz, a former Miss Universe contestant, is obviously in touch with her sexuality and should be mighty proud of the package in which she is wrapped. For her to feign surprise that some guys would whistle or call her a “bonita senorita” is just plain silly.

That’s what guys do.  Get over it.

Oh, that’s right the incident happened in the workplace where sexual harassment is verboten. For football players the workplace is the field on which they war. It is not the locker-room. Do men enter the ladies room at corporate HQ or vice verse? Verboten! Hell, they even have separate suites for his and her executive washrooms.

This is all part of that feminist thingy that has been around since the late sixties.  Feminism means well but it escaped Pandora’s Box. Guys interviewed guys in the locker-room after the game and some female reporters objected. It got into the courts and, in fairness to all, the gals won the battle. Since then, however, the repercussions in the war of the sexes have been ignored.

The sexes are not the same and no attempt should be made to treat them the same.

For decades now women have been protecting this ersatz equality like mama grizzlies protecting their cubbies.  Meanwhile they continue to leave their scent on other heretofore male territories. Trouble is males like that scent and follow it for reproductive (or not) purposes. When males smell it they whistle and make unbearable sounds meant to announce their presence.  The females, depending on their own sensitivities and/or the sensitivities of other females around them, can welcome those advances or not.

When the female is alone with a team of male jocks, depending on the fecundity of the female, she may or may not feel uneasy.  If that prickly feeling makes her uncomfortable she leaves.  If she chooses to stay she is welcome but she cannot, then, complain about her surroundings.  Like Goldilocks who wandered in uninvited she might find some circumstances too hard or hot, some too soft or cold but she also might find some just right.

That feminist thingy spoiled it for everyone. If males cannot interview males in locker-rooms without granting women the same allowance, than females cannot interview females in their locker-rooms without granting men the same privilege and gay men must be excluded from male locker rooms and lesbians from female locker rooms, anyplace that scent might arouse desire.

Consequently if no one was allowed to interview anyone, any more, in any locker room we would all suffer for it by losing the spontaneity that follows both triumph and defeat and can only be captured in the immediacy of the moments that follow the game.

Sexism is not treating the sexes differently but treating them the same.  Vive la difference!FotoFlexer_Photo Quill

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